Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom Download Free 2013 + 3DS Emulator

LEAKED Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom Download

At last the most awaited game of 2013 is out.It's Pokemon X and Y. We don't have words to describe how awesome this game is. We have played it once just to check how it is and if there is any bug, but its as addictive as opium. We can't resist ourselves from playing it again and again.

The best thing we liked about this game is the new 3d style battle system and amazing graphics. Also the pokemon in 3d look beautiful. You can play this game in 3ds .

Yes, no joking. Its true, we are providing Pokemon X and Y rom. We want everyone to play this awesome game. We can't guarantee how many day we can have the links up as gamefreak and other pokemon officials will take down our blog and link as soon as they find it, so hurry.

Downloads can be found near bottom of the page.

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom


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  1. kuili Toma18/1/13

    Thank you alot.
    Its very awesome game.

  2. Anonymous19/1/13

    Very nice game.
    Already passed 2 gyms.

  3. Damien21/1/13

    Nice game. I really like it.
    Addicted as hell :)

  4. Niar Dallert23/1/13

    Excellent game. I don't like completing surveys but no problem for pokemon roms.
    Thank you.

  5. Kyurem23/1/13

    My review!

    This game is released before official so i am sure official release will eliminate some bugs i encountered during playing the game.


    The storyline is new and changes according to player's choices made in game. Its not that old sluggurish storyline and i am impressed with it.
    I give storyline: 4.5/5


    Gameplay was smooth. Playing pokemon in 3d for first time is great experience and its very good.
    I give gameplay: 5/5

    Overall i am not going to say everything about game as it will spoil the others experience.

    Overall: 4.5/5

    5 stars to blogger for providing people the review oppurtunity.

    1. Thanks for report. We will surely try to remove bugs you experiencing.

    2. thank yu i got this game thank you very much
      its awsome your cool tahnk you

  6. zhynga25/1/13

    O my fuc**ng lord!
    Awesome game.

  7. Benezyne Roldany25/1/13

    My review:
    The Game is well designed and graphics are superb. The storyline as Margaret wrote, is excellent and new. How ever there are no major glitch or bugs but i came across a bug when i entered 1st Gym. I hope you will remove that glitch in official release.

    My overall review: 9.8/10

  8. I have to give my phone number to an advertising page, and then I will lose my money in the phone. :(
    How did u guys clear it?!

    1. Well, after completing offer send STOP to same number and service will be stopped and you won't have to pay monthly or weekly.

  9. Kollie Starc28/1/13

    Nice game. Completing survey worth my time.

  10. Pokemon X lover30/1/13

    Awesome game. Really like it.